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A man wrote a letter to a small hotel in a city he planned to visit on his vacation. In the letter he wrote: "I would love to bring my dog ​​so that he can stay with me during the hotel stay. He is well-behaved, carries out exemplary and does not disturb anyone. Do you think it would be possible to let me have him with me in the room at night? "

Almost immediately, the man received a response from the hotel owner. He wrote:

 "My lord, I have been running this hotel for many years. During this time I have never been to a dog stealing towels, bedding, silverware or the paintings on the wall.

I have never had to swallow a dog in the middle of the night when it was too full and bitten badly. And I've never been to a dog that has taken a run. So, of course, your dog is welcome to stay at my hotel.

And, if your dog can go well for you, you're welcome to stay here too. "


With this post, we would like to inform you that at Hotel Aurum we also welcome pet owners and their animals to stay with us. There is, however, an animal supplement of 250 SEK / room. We also reserve ourselves because it can be sold out at major exhibitions. Animals that are not booked in rooms for animals are charged an extra cost of $ 1000 for cleaning the room.


The following rooms are available for animals on floor 1

Single room 10 pcs

Double room 1

Superierum 1 pc

Twin room 2 pcs





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