Information gällande COVID-19

Information regarding COVID-19
We at Aurum Hotel closely follow the directives and recommendations issued by the Swedish authorities. Cleanliness and hygiene are a priority and we have taken a number of measures to create a safe environment for you guests and our employees.

At Aurum Hotel, hygiene and cleanliness are always a high priority. We also emphasize the importance of good hand hygiene in accordance with recommendations from local health authorities. We have strict routines for our staff’s hand hygiene in connection with kitchen work, meals and toilet visits. Kitchen and cleaning staff are recommended to use disposable gloves throughout the working day. We also want to encourage our guests to wash their hands often with soap and warm water.

Opening hours: Covid-19 has led to a large drop in accommodation guests, which has meant that during this pandemic we have chosen to shorten our opening hours. We hope you are tolerant of this.

Monday to Saturday, the hotel is staffed until 10 pm and on Sundays the hotel is staffed until 1 pm. Depending on occupancy. We will change to regular opening hours as soon as the occupancy increases again.

What we do at our hotels for the safety of guests and staff:

We have strengthened routines for cleaning, sanitation and hygiene. This means, among other things, that we carry out regular disinfection of frequently used surfaces such as guest toilets, door handles, card terminals and elevator buttons.
Maintained routines for colleagues who are ill in accordance with directives from health care authorities.
What we at Aurum hotel do to ensure guests’ safety

The hotel:

Distance markings on the floor to keep distance to the reception desk.
Airy and plenty of distance between the furniture in the lobby.
Regular disinfection of frequently used surfaces, e.g. door handles, elevator buttons, tables, chairs and remote controls.
In the bathrooms, all surfaces are disinfected during the daily cleaning.
Hand alcohol is available for our guests in the public areas.

We urge our guests to keep their distance.
We limit the number of guests by limiting bookings from outside.
Pool samples are taken several days a week to ensure the correct pH value and chlorine content.
Door handles, tables and counters are continuously sprayed with surface disinfectant.

Distance markings on the floor to keep distance more easily.
Hand alcohol is available for our guests.
We keep a recommended distance between the tables.
We encourage our guests to spread out during different times if the opportunity arises.

Our regular booking conditions apply.

If you have booked your hotel accommodation elsewhere, you must contact that operator directly for information on the rules that apply to your booking.
If you have made a group or conference booking, the usual rebooking and cancellation rules apply.
If you have any questions, please contact us at 0910-88330.