Staying at Aurum should feel simple and comfortable. Perhaps it is precisely because guests said that we are “Skellefteå ‘s simplest hotel to find”. You see us from the E4 and can then easily swing in and enjoy a good night’s sleep. It’s easy to find here and even easier to stay.

Larger groups and bus trips

Jenny Andersson Widmark/hotel Manager

SPA/Helene Nylander
Massage and spaterapeut
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Veronica Engblom Lidman/ Kökschef

Ronny Pettersson/CEO

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Skellefteå Bus Station is about 2 km from the hotel. 25 minutes walk to the hotel.

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Falmark Airport, located about 17 km from the hotel. Taxi transfer to the hotel takes about 15 minutes.

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Bastuträsk, located about 53 km from the hotel. Trainbus to Skellefteå Bus station.

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We recommend City Taxi. 0910-130 00